MAP President


Marketing Association of Pakistan

Imran Ahmad is the CEO of Pace Media Limited. Pace is affiliated to an international group of media sales companies with offices in Canada, Dubai, Pakistan and Southern Africa. Imran’s father set up the company in 1972. He had realized the importance of international communications for the growth of international business and felt that there was a need for a ‘connector’ – an organization that could help put out a corporation’s message to a wider international audience.

Today Pace and its subsidiaries are working in more than 60 countries all over Africa, Central Asia and South Asia. The group represents CNN Television for advertising sales in Africa and the CIS countries. It also represents Yahoo for online sales in several countries. Among the other leading media companies that is represented by them are Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and The Economist etc. 

Imran Ahmad besides overseeing the operations of the company is also directly involved in all the sales activities for CNN in their assigned territory. The group has been representing CNN since 1997. He works very closely with many different Governments on matters related to their image building, tourism and investment promotions. 

In 1986 Imran was the President of Pakistan Jaycees, part of the world’s largest youth organization and was instrumental in moving the paper for initiating the Global Earth Summit that was held in Rio in 1991. Has been actively involved in professional associations in the field of advertising and marketing.  He has been a member of the Board of Pakistan Advertising Association in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Had also been actively involved in the organizing of the Asian Advertising Congress in Lahore in 1989 as well as the IAA World Congress in Dubai in 2006. Imran has also been part of the Executive Council of Marketing Association of Pakistan for the past several years. 

Imran Ahmad is a graduate of Karachi University. He has also completed a post-graduate  program in international business from the University of London. Speaks fluent English and Urdu and possesses a working knowledge of Russian, Arabic and Bengali. Imran has travelled extensively and has visited almost 100 countries around the world.